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Asset Management

A Comprehensive Record of the Lodging Market’s Q4 Transactions

By Daniel H. Lesser

... NEW YORK - At several points during 2019 many market participants believed the grind higher was going to come to a halt. However, this did not occur, even after a tumultuous 4Q18 where many experts were calling for a downturn. Although America's nancial...

20/20 – Aiming for a Perfect Vision of the Hotel Industry

By Demian Hodari

... I recently provided my panel with 10 events and asked them to estimate the probability (between 0 and 100 percent) of each one occurring in 2020. These ranged in topic and included such areas as industry performance, consolidation, social responsibility,...

Coronavirus: Let's Talk Solutions... What Should Hotels Do?

Let's talk solutions, indeed. So much coverage has focused on the spread of the corona virus and the business impact - but where is the open debate about solutions? What should the hospitality industry do, in light of the global concern, travel restrictions and financial impact? This article is really a rallying call to our industry, to start an honest discussion with operators, investors and individuals about ways to mitigate and manage the risks of this global emergency.

The Importance of Protecting Your Hotel's IP Portfolio

Along with real property, equipment, furniture, fixtures and inventory is an oftentimes overlooked asset class: your hotel's intellectual property. No less valuable than these more tangible assets, your IP-brand name, proprietary systems, trade dress and unique designs, to name a few-has untold economic value that serves as a safeguard against infringement, increases the worth of your business, and can be exploited if and when you seek to sell, in whole or in part.